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mercredi, mars 6 2013

Case Study on Structural Violence with regard to the Indigenous Australian Community

Australia was colonized in 1788 by the British and established as a penal colony in order to both further the reaches of the British Empire and to act as a solution to the growing number of convicted felons in the United Kingdom. This act of colonization can be seen as the beginning of the Indigenous Australian struggle to achieve equality and social cohesion. RedfernApology3.JPGPossibly the first documented structurally violent project, which has clearly had a heavy impact on the future of the indigenous population, was the classification of the Australian east coast as Terra Nullius ‘(meaning land of no-one) to justify the dispossession of Indigenous people’. Numerous policies were henceforth implemented in order to establish a country that mirrored the cultural beliefs and appearances held dear by the British Empire. Perhaps some of the most significant are those mentioned below, policies involved with what has come to be known as the Stolen Generation.

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