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Lundi, février 4 2013

New online course: Tranforming Civil Conflicts

Modus Operandi proposes a new online course on Transforming Civil Conflicts, which will take place from 1 – 26 April 2013.

This one-month online training will help to develop critical analytical skills in order to ask relevant questions and find entry-points for change.

In the first week we will introduce you to different concepts of and views on conflict. What are the approaches that exist and how to improve our understanding of conflict dynamics? You'll have the opportunity to apply analytical tools to a conflict of your choice.

Building on the basic knowledge of conflict dynamics acquired in week 1, we will dig deeper in the process of conflict transformation in week 2. You will be introduced to the power dynamics at play in conflicts, the vectors of conflict transformation and methods to positively transform a conflict situation. The theories discussed will be illustrated through concrete examples.

The third week will focus on ‘building a desired alternative’. During this week, we will discuss the importance of an integrated framework of conflict and how the latter can be used to develop strategic plans to achieve social change.

Throughout the course, we hope to provide a deeper understanding of conflict transformation and offer the tools to help understand conflict in all its complexity.

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