By Nikki Hodgson and Henry Tidy

Wadi Fukin, a small Palestinian village of 1,200 people in the West Bank, sits between Tzur Hadassah, an Israeli community of about 5,000 residents to the West and Betar Ilit, a fast-growing Jewish Orthodox settlement of some 35,000 residents to the East. Proposed by the Palestinian Antiquities Authority to be a UNESCO heritage site, Wadi Fukin, like many Palestinian villages, sits next to the Green Line and risks being separated from its land and neighbors by the Israeli separation wall. However, unlike many Palestinian villages, Wadi Fukin has a strong ally in at least one of its neighboring Israeli towns. Tzur Hadassah and Wadi Fukin participate in the Good Water Neighbors project run by Friends of the Earth Middle East, a joint Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian environmental NGO that partners communities together to manage shared resources. Read more